Vinyl Care and Polishing


Floors that have Vinyl coverings that need restoring is one area that we have over 20 years experience in.  We can provide

  • Knowledge
  • Advice
  • Expertise
  • Great Service

Above All Cleaning Services are experts in cleaning all types or flooring such as

  • Sheet Vinyl
  • Vinyl wood plank tiles
  • Mamoleum
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Tarquet,   just to name a few of the flooring options that are out there.


In a lot of cases that I encounter, a scrub and wet vacuum is all that is required to remove a soiling build-up due to a poor cleaning regime.
We apply a pH neutral floor cleaning then scrub paying attention to edges and corners, wet vacuum then buff the polish back to a gleaming finish.  This process is rather cost effective and can lift the image of your premises. If the existing polish is in sound condition we can re-coat with the appropriate polish.


We remove all the old polish and dirt, paying attention to edges and corners then wet vacuum the slurry off.  After neutralising the surface and buffing we apply new sealer and finish to the surface.  With over 20 years experience we service schools, daycare centers, pharmacies, factories, supermarkets etc. achieving brilliant results.

We can rejuvenate your old floor making it look almost as good as new taking care to do the job properly.  We use the best of polishes to achieve the desired results.

Vinyl Wood-plank flooring looks great with a Satin Finish and provides a sacrificial coat that will protect your flooring.
We can also apply High gloss finishes right through to UHS (ultra High Speed) polish that suit supermarkets that get burnished often.



If making your business look great is important to you and first appearances are vital then you need us.
As there are many floor finishes out there, don’t assume that all products are suited to your floor.
A quick call and we will able to visit your premises and give you the best advice and solution to your problems.

Call me now to organise a visit to recommend the best solution for your situation. Call Me 0274 961 246

I will come to your site and give you an expert appraisal and recommend the best plan of attack.  Obligation free. We have saved developers and owners thousands of dollars by cleaning and re-polishing old vinyl instead of replacing it.

Either call me or fill out the contact form, I will respond as soon as I receive it, what have you got to lose. Hopefully not thousands.