Builders Cleans


Builders Cleans are the icing on the cake, Above All Cleaning can make you look good.
We are able to evaluate the situation and apply the best methods to achieve the best results without damage.
A lot of modern surfaces require the right products and an off the shelf supermarket product sometimes doesn’t cut the mustard.
We are not your fluffy duster brigade that move dust from one area to the other.

Our team have cleaned some of the best houses in Auckland for Top Construction Companies.

A critical eye and attention to detail is what our clients have admired and come to expect.

Another service I can offer for free is a site visit to discuss methods of protecting valuable surfaces.

So many times I have seen the result of painters attempts of removing paint from surfaces,scratched windows and frames.
Lack of flooring protection and protection of aluminium door sills are a common oversight on building sites.

Scratched chrome work,  benchtops and damaged corners caused by extension leads are more common than you think.

Give your clients peace of mind in knowing that you are caring about the final results.

Call me and I can visit your site in the very early stages of construction so that we can identify situations that will cost YOU money in the long run.

Don’t leave it too late as usually the damage is done during site works with workers walking mud and stones in and damaging sills etc.

Also protection of glass and joinery when pouring paths, don’t wait until after the pour then try and get it off.

Do It Once, Do It Right         call Wayne 0n 0274961246