House Washing

House Washing

House washing is a service that a lot of people provide but very misunderstood.

Only a hand full of people including us DO NOT USE CHLORINE, or sodium hypochlorite, bleach.
Ask BEFORE you commit to a house wash company. Chlorine damages and corrodes hinges, removes patina from Copper Gutters and downpipes, is harmful to plants and smells.

Our softwash chemical, is biodegradable and safe.
Our soft wash House Wash System ensures your paint will last years longer. Paint manufacturers recommend that the surfaces should be cleaned yearly.

We can safely wash your house with  out doing damage to your precious plants and foliage.
Our system is a safe low pressure, higher volume clean, resulting in a damage free cleaning system.

Pick up the phone or email me to discuss your needs or answer any questions you may have.

We also clean driveways, decks, pool surrounds, Garages.  We also are able to steam clean areas that are greasy, something cold blasting just doesn’t do well.

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