Our Services

Stop, before you think about replacing that tired dirty looking vinyl, call Wayne for some free advice, we can remove that old polish and apply new sealer/polish to give your premises a fresh look


The icing on the cake, we can help you present your fine work to the highest standard. We have cleaned some of the finest houses in Auckland, we have great product knowledge and pride ourselves with a “No Damage” policy

Steam Cleaning

Water Blasting and Steam cleaning are one of the best methods to remove chewing gum and clean your Main entrance Areas, Tuck Shops, Fast Food Drive Thru’s. This method is totally chemical free and vastly improves the image of your Company. Our machinery produces almost boiling water at up to 3000psi and up to 20 litres per minute. This method is also a lot quicker than other systems meaning little of no downtime to your operation.
We have removed gum from Supermarket entrances, Fast Food Drive Thru’s, Hospital Entrances, Councils and Car parks. If you have Chewing Gum out doors we can do it.
We have also Steam Cleaned Engine Bays of Hot Rods to remove old Grease and oil in preparation for painting. If you have a situation that requires fast removal of oil and grease.
Call Wayne for some advice (free).

Restore your carpet and remove dirt, allergens and odours. We have been cleaning carpets for many years in schools, cinemas, commercial and residential premises.

House Washing

We provide a soft wash option using environmentally friendly products. We are very careful not to damage surfaces and are aware of leaky windows, we use a soft broom around windows and rinse carefully.  We have washed hospitals, schools, churches, club rooms, residential and commercial premises.

We clean anything and everything

We are a One Stop Shop so that you only have to deal with one person for all of your cleaning needs