Red Wine spill – oh no. firstly DON’T panic but Don’t let the spill dry
  1. Grab and old towel or two
  2. If you have a sponge use it to suck up as much wine as possible
  3. If not use an old towel to absorb as much of the wine as possible
  4. Grab a large jug of cold water
  5. pour about 50 ml directly onto spill
  6. place clean old towel on the spill immediately to absorb the water you just put down, don’t let it absorb into the underlay
  7. Walk on the towel with your heels (more Pressure)
  8. check stain
  9. repeat stages 5 – 8
  10. After you are happy with the result put a fresh towel on the stain and get someone with heels to walk on it to leave as dry as possible.
I have used this method successfully for years but stain may not come out fully if wine is left to dry. Call me Wayne 0274 961 246 if you are unsure

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