Moss mould and gunge

This is a question that I get asked a lot.  There are many products out there and yes they do work but which is most cost effective. Most of them you Wet the surface with the solution and walk away.  I have another solution.  I could go on about the chemical make-up of the available […]

House Wash time

House washing is one of those necessities that comes around every year. Firstly we don’t use bleach products that do damage to your plants, hardware and paint. Not forgetting that bleach smell. We use a product that is gentle yet efficient at mobilising mold and grime, then rinsed with fresh wash. Our blasters are low […]

Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner. It’s time for the big spring clean. After a very wet and cold winter out come the sun, weather warms up and things begin grow. Moss and mold, dirty windows, house and drive ways needs washing. Just get on the phone and give me a call Wayne 027 496 1246

Blog Above All Cleaning solutions

Blog post about your everyday cleaning questions   With Decades of experience in all aspects of cleaning I rarely encounter a situation I experienced before.   Leave a question and I’ll solve your situation.    

Chewing Gum from carpet and how to remove

Chewing gum in your carpet is unsightly and can be difficult to remove if let for a long time. I have found that the best method is  Boiling Water.    What won’t that wreck my carpet?  Answer is no. You will need, jug of boiled water (be Careful) Towel, old butter knife (not serrated), paper towel, […]

Red wine spill on carpet

Red Wine spill – oh no. firstly DON’T panic but Don’t let the spill dry Grab and old towel or two If you have a sponge use it to suck up as much wine as possible If not use an old towel to absorb as much of the wine as possible Grab a large jug […]